How to easily make a paper CD case

  1. From the sheet of thick paper (i.e. paperboard) cut out a 122mm x 122mm square - it will be our template. If you punch a hole in the square corner, you could hang it in a convenient place, e.g. on the nail stuck in a wall.
  2. Take a sheet of A4 paper, with at least one blank side, and fold it in a half.
  3. Lay our template on the formerly folded paper as you can see it on the picture, left 1.5-2 cm space around it and outline the template with a pencil or a pen.
  4. Cut the wider side away leaving a 1.5-2 cm wide margin.
  5. Cut the corners away as it is shown on the picture.
  6. Straighten the paper and cut away the strips along the drawn lines.
  7. Now we have an intermediate product...
  8. Fold the margins on all sides.
  9. Cover the margins with a glue and stick to the other side of the case - here it is!

Hint: if you need to make many covers at once, perform one operation on all pieces at a time.

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